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Modern fleet
– ready for various tasks

We are a shipping and transport company with our own fleet of 100 MAN trucks. We ensure transport safety at every stage of the service. With the safety guaranteed by operating with our own fleet, we are able to respond quickly even in random and unpredictable situations, which enabled us over the years to build a position in the transport market as a timely and honest company which guarantees deadlines and all legal compliances.

Our Fleet

International transport
and domestic transport

Germany – Benelux – France – Spain – Portugal – Austria – Czech Republic – Switzerland – Italy – Croatia – Slovenia – Hungary – Slovakia – Greece – Norway – Denmark – Sweden – Finland – we deliver our customer’s goods to each of these countries, ensuring that all legal requirements are met, such as, among others, adaptation of the legal documentation to the internal regulations of the respective country, including insurance, driver licenses and mileage logbooks. As a result, we deliver goods fairly, safely and on time.




Our services are provided with the highest standards. We also work on modern MAN trucks which are equipped with the most solid engines (according to the TUV report) with high efficiency and economical fuel consumption certified low-emission.



Schmitz Cargobull Trailer

All our Mega Trailers have an adjustable cargo space from 2.75 to 3.05 m and additional loading options from the side, top and rear.



Container Trailer

We provide intermodal transport without reloading the goods thanks to the Shmitz Container Chassis trailer, which may carry two 20-foot containers or individually 30-, 40- or 45-foot containers.


With an eye on the environment, in 2021 we decided to replace our entire fleet of vehicles with new MAN tractors, in which consumption has been reduced by 8% and which meet the stringent EURO 6e vehicle emission standard.